Popular Live Music Events

Live music festivals are extremely popular around the world. People flock to popular concerts like the Tomorrowland, The Ultra Music Festival, Sunburn, Stereosonic, and many other popular events. These epic concerts have seen millions of fans rise to the occasion every time.

Enormous stages are built, and speakers rise above the stage to welcome the crowds to the occasion. We take a closer look at these concerts, held annually for the fans.

The Sunburn Festival

The immensely popular Live Music festival, Sunburn, made its first appearance in Goa during 2008. It has since built up an amazing reputation among music fans in Asia. The year 2013 saw more than 100,000 fans pitch up to the event. The Sunburn scene has featured artists like Roger Sanchez and Sasha. Some spectators have even called it the “modern hippy festival” – primarily for the chill atmosphere it is known for.

Stereosonic Festival

This festival originates from Australia. It has since drawn people from all over the world. It offers multi-arena events for thousands to revel in a breathtaking music festival. Concert halls are always fully packed with frolicking fans. It has played host to amazing artists in the past, with the likes of Calvin Harris and Avicii, who have made an appearance. The festival certainly promises to be a thrilling experience every time it comes around.

The Ultra Music Festival

This music festival started what seems like ages ago back in 1999 and has left a mark on audiences across the world as one of the biggest music festivals. The movement organizes events on a global scale from the UK to New York and from Johannesburg to Japan. Tickets to this festival may be pricey, but with artists like Avicii and Steve Aoki to keep fans enthralled, it definitely makes it worth it to buy a ticket.

Tomorrowland Festival

This festival has a well-known motto that says “Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is a mystery”. The year 2004 saw the first Tomorrowland concert in Belgium, and since then, it has brought fans of live music together. In 2014, the event managed to bring together more than 400,000 fans. Famous artists like David Guetta and Armin Van Buuren have made their mark on the stage at Tomorrowland.